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Quick Reply for SmartWatch 2

3.33 usd

V3.1 PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT******** Please do a clean reinstall (uninstall and install again) instead of updating the app directly or else the new features wont work!*****
**QuickReply is only for Sony SmartWatch 2***** 10 editable Predefined Replies added****** SMS integration added ****** Follow the XDA thread for updates and discussions***
"Quick Reply for SmartWatch 2" enables to receive Whatsapp and SMS alerts, and send quick replies from your connected Sony Smart Watch 2 either by typing custom messages or by using predefined message templates.(Your phone must be rooted with latest BusyBox installed )
Steps:1. Grant Root access forever2. Enable "Quick Reply for SmartWatch 2" under Accessibility Services. Disable any other Whatsapp services(reboot the phone if required)3. Install BusyBox from PlayStore4. Disable Whatsapp Media AutoDownload completely to avoid crashes/false notifications
To reply from SW2, click the menu during any message and hit phone icon to send predefined messages or hit the keyboard button to type in the message.
Predefined message instructions:Swipe left / right to choose among different message templates and hit send!
Keyboard instructions :Swipe Up for upper case alphabetsSwipe Down for lower case alphabetsSwipe Left to delete textSwipe right for spaceLong press to toggle numbers and symbolsHit the >> button to send the message.
Note: You need a rooted phone to read and reply to notifications!*** If you are facing crashes send us a bug report!***
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